Friday, August 14, 2009


My3Heroes are my 3 adopted male cats and they are part of the family, my family. My 3 adoptions:


Puspa was straying for about 2 weeks, believed to be disowned by a Korean family. He was scared, timid and starving. With a little patience and love, managed to lure him into a transporter and straight to the Vet (without my wife knowing it although she would'nt mind since we had a pair before, ages ago). He was a bit dehydrated but healthy in general. He was neutered by the previous owner, so it was only vaccination and deworming. A good medicated bath and grooming, he's ready to join my family. Started of with SciencePlan cat food and it goes down well till today.

Adoption Date: Sometime in early March 2007. Age: About 3 years old.
Weight: 4.98 kg.

Weight as of 30th May 2009: 6.0 kg. Present Age: presumably 5 years plus.

2. LEO

Leo was given away by a kind lady in, a much needed companion to lonely Puspa. Leo was about the same age as Puspa and ... boys are boys. Their playtime can be out of control, at times. Leo was well taken care of by the previous owner i.e. neutered, vaccinated but with only a small patch of skin infection at the rear. A visit to the Vet, everything's fine. After a good medicated bath and grooming, he's ready to go home. our home.
Till today I still wonder Leo's original breed because he doesn't look a pure Domestic cat due to his large body frame.

Date of Birth: 1st July 2004. Date of Adoption: Third quarter of 2007
Weight: 5.5 kg

Weight as of 30th May 2009: 6.8 kg Present Age: 5 years


Aboo was straying for about a month, probably disowned by the owner for being overactive as an adolescence. That was during the rainy season and anyone can imagine Aboo was drenched with sewage smell, dehydrated and starving. My wife's friend managed to coax him into the transporter. Straight to the Vet and quarantined for several days. Then the neutering took place plus the vaccination and deworming. Again, after a good medicated bath and groomimg, Aboo was ready to join the family. Like Leo, I wonder Aboo's original breed especially the long hair but short legs. lol

Adoption Date: 20th December 2008. Age: About 3 years plus.
Weight: 4.3 kg.

Weight as of 30th May 2009: 5.8 kg. Present Age: presumably 4 years plus.

My PUSPA Pics:-

My LEO Pics:-

My ABOO Pics:-

Loving Cats is One; Caring for them is Another.


  1. heloo to puspa, aboo and leo

    he he he

  2. Sori lama tak online. Salams from PAL. Puspa, Aboo n Leo.

  3. Thanks Sharz. Well, it's all a matter of Loving and Caring. =(^.^)=

  4. U have 3 beautiful kitties! :D

  5. Thanks Fluffies. Well, it's all a matter of Loving and Caring. =(^.^)=

  6. Salam Pak Ngah..buat citer pasal Pussy laa pulak..dah bersawang dah blog Pak Ngah ni..ehehe

  7. akakakaaa Cikgu, tak dinafikan, memang dah bersawang pun. Pasal Pussy? Dia dah selamat dengan Mama baru dia. Malas nak cite, kang rindu pulak...hahaha

  8. wahhh pak ngah best la tgk tucin-tucin pak ngah..semuanya gebas gebus belaka :D

    i loike~

    p/s: pak ngah rerajin update blog ekk ;)

  9. MM, tersangat malas la nak update...hehehe Nak tips bagi cats gebus2? Lots of TLC's you... ;)

  10. Pak ngah.. I love ur cats too.... hehehehe

  11. Tq Chika... Loving and Caring that matters...ngeee

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